After a car accident, which caused me severe pain in my neck, Patrick balanced the muscle instability problems so I'm now able to maintain a better posture in my neck. Specifically, the stretching that he taught me to do at home, work and the gym has allowed me to do activities that I thought were no longer possible.

Patrick helped me move beyond the point of pain and guardedness. Particularly, he helped separate my ear from my shoulder; by showing me the neck protocol for both stretching and strengthening he helped me to help myself. Active stretching proved that it was ok to move my sore neck, which the physical therapist said not to move at all. Imagine that; a treatment that actually works.
At every opportunity I recommend Patrick Kincart and BodyWorks to friends and colleagues.
Heather Gohde
Mortgage Broker, Outdoor Enthusiast, Pet-Lover

I have been seeing Patrick for over two years now. He has helped me with a few different muscle problems from low-back pain, "baseball bat headaches", immoveable jaw, tight neck, ankle sprains, and with helping to restore a more natural posture using some of his stretching techniques. He is also an excellent massage therapist and his body work has helped me to stay healthy, recover more quickly when I do get sick and to reduce stress during those times we can't avoid stress.

I recommend his work to most all of my co-workers and then some.

Mary Braddock

After several appointments with Patrick my neck and upper shoulder pain, which I've had for years, has disappeared.
His stretching, strengthening and other bodywork has been very beneficial in helping to correct the postures I seem to have adopted for work, computer and other daily activities.
I tried many conventional treatments but once I started with the daily stretches as a "lifestyle" and health choice; the "golf-ball" in my shoulder blade, which shot pain into my chest, finally went away.
His work helped to "override" the brain's messages sent to my muscles to tighten, guard and protect all the time. It's nice to have my neck and shoulders back as part of my body rather than just focusing on the pain there all the time.

Trisch Clark,
Sheriff's Assistant, Harley Rider

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