I first saw Patrick several years ago for very serious shoulder and neck problems, which he helped me overcome with his therapeutic massage and stretching techniques. Prior to working with Patrick, I was having trouble coping with the level of pain and frustrated that I could find no answers for it. Thankfully, I was referred to BodyWorks. The treatments have reduced the chronic pain and I have learned the stretching techniques and can assist with my own treatment.

Recently, Patrick used his Active Isolated Stretching techniques on an acute low back problem that was nearly incapacitating. In just two treatments, I was moving without guardedness and almost no pain in the original low back injury site.
At every opportunity I recommend Patrick Kincart and BodyWorks to friends and colleagues.
Carol Stiles
Bend, Oregon

After 6 months of injections, physical therapy, and other treatments I turned to Patrick for an alternative to surgery on my shoulder. Since then, Patrick has helped with my upper back, neck pain and sciatica for several years now. He made it easy for me to enjoy some activities which were hard to do.

Recently he taught me some Active Isolated Stretching exercises, which while at first seemed hard to do, now have added greater flexibility to my neck, shoulders, and low back. I feel good that as I continue to learn from him, I am being pro-active and responsible for my own health.

Ethel Stratton
59-Year-Old Grandmother of 4,
Event Coordinator, Artist

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